Amazon Affiliate Link Generator Tool

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About Amazon Affiliate Link Generator Tool

Amazon Associates program is a great way to monetize your product recommendations across your blog, social media or youtube channel. In order for Amazon to track that you are referring visitors to amazon, you need to sign up for the Amazon Associates Program. Once you do it, you will be given an associates tag. This tag looks like mywebsite-20 and it is added to every link you want to be tracked on Amazon. The affiliate tag you use must correspond to the amazon store you are linking out to. For example: on you need to use your US affiliate tag. There are multiple different affiliate dashboard for most of the countries where Amazon has its store. You can create your Amazon Affiliate tag in your Associates Dashboard. Any person which goes to Amazon following your link will get tagged. This means that you will receive a commission when somebody purchases. The tool above helps you create the affiliate or referral link to Amazon.